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Publications from Pitt & Greene EMC

Each member receives a copy of the Pitt & Greene EMC Newsletter each month, along with their electric bill. This publication is to keep members informed of news from and about the cooperative.

Pitt & Greene EMC also subscribes to Carolina Country for each member of the cooperative.

Carolina Country is published monthly by the North Carolina Association of Electric Cooperatives. It is delivered to each member’s home and contains a variety of information from news about electric cooperatives to current events affecting the electric industry. It also has many human interest stories, plus tips on gardening and household activities.

Both publications are offered as a means of communication with the membership. We welcome suggestions for articles and encourage members to read both publications each month.

Pitt & Greene Newsletters

Our newsletters are your links to the latest news and information about your cooperative.

Published and mailed monthly to customers, Pitt & Greene newsletters keep you informed about what’s going on at Pitt & Greene (as well as the electric utility industry as a whole), provides energy-saving tips to help you use electricity more efficiently, and provides listings of upcoming happenings in our communities.