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Delinquent Bills

Delinquent Electric Bills

Bills are due upon receipt. Bills will be considered delinquent (past due) if unpaid at the close of business on the due date on the bill. A delinquent notice will not be mailed.

Bills remaining unpaid at the due date shown on the bill shall be subject to disconnection without further notice.

If a member is visited by an employee of the Cooperative for collection or disconnection, a service charge will be charged. If a member’s service is suspended for failure to pay his bill, in addition to all money and applicable security deposits owed to the Cooperative, a reconnect fee will be charged. An after hour reconnection fee will be charged after working hours. Failure to receive a bill in no way exempts a member from these conditions. If you do not receive a bill, you should report this to the Pitt & Greene office.

Any member whose check for payment of services is returned will be notified immediately and a returned check fee will be added to the members account. Such charge will be up to the maximum allowed by North Carolina law (GS25-3-572). The member will be given five (5) days to pay the bill after which the account will be considered past due. If the Co-op receives a second returned check from a member within a twelve (12) month period, the Cooperative will no longer accept checks as payment by the member. Re-establishment of check writing privileges may be considered by management after 12 months.